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This Post Intentionally Left Blank


This would normally be the spot in the day when I would preview the upcoming game for a certain team we all love. That game will be on this evening and just might be a key divisional match-up and could just mean the difference between 2nd place and 5th place in the conference. While this game may not exactly be must-win, it most certainly is must-see.

Unfortunately, the buffoons who run DirecTV and the pinheads who run Comcast still believe that the only way to resolve a difficult contract negotiation is to fuck over the fans. The selfish pricks in charge of these two corporate behemoths continue to value you so little that they refuse to come to an agreement to get Versus back onto the DirecTV airways. And, since the NHL apparently has either no clout or no interest in using said clout to fix this mess, suckers like me who shelled out $169.95 for the Center Ice package are STILL screwed when it comes to Vs hockey games. Hey, the NHL getting their money, right? Why would they care if I can't watch the game I want to watch?

So, since the incompetent baboons at Versus have been granted exclusive rights to broadcast tonight's game by the sellouts who run the NHL, I, the devoted hockey fan, am left in the dark. Thanks, guys! I admit, I'm a sucker, but I'm not so much of a sucker that I'm going to throw up free advertising for a game that I'm not worthy to watch. I guess I could huddle in front of my computer and watch one of the many free online feeds of the game that will no doubt be available for this game, but I'm not going to bother. I'm sitting tonight out. Healthy scratch. As far as I'm concerned, this game isn't happening, and there won't be any mention of the game from Mile High Hockey - no preview, no recap. I have reluctantly decided to put up a live thread tonight, so that I don't shut out those of you not screwed over by the greedy bastards. But that's all I'm doing. If you want to discuss tonight's game, I won't stop you. I just won't be taking part. I'll check back with you on Thursday, when the season resumes for me.

Oh, and thanks once again to DirecTV, Versus, Comcast and the NHL for fucking over the little people. I hope someone earns a wonderful holiday bonus for this atrocious, extended douchebaggery.