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Super Joe Speaks


Photo by bling

The Avalanche Steel Curtain was lowered briefly today, giving Super Joe a chance to talk to the media for the first time today. Both and the Denver Post have recaps. Here's the bullet points:

  • The hand is fine.
  • He has just started rehabbing on his back.
  • There is no timetable for his return (original target date was March 18), but he does want to come back even if the Avalanche are out of contention.
  • Perhaps most importantly, he has yet to make a decision about next year:

    “What I’m inspired about is getting back and playing. I want to finish the year. So hopefully I can do that and help this team,” said Sakic. “And then next year, like last year, I want to take my time in the offseason and decide if I want to go and play again.”