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Quote of the Night: Game 61

Today I'm debuting a new feature from your's truly: Quote of the Night.  Here's how it works.  I'll comb through the game thread from the previous night's game to find the best line of the night.  It can be hilarious, poignant, insightful, or just plain good.  You can play along at home during the game thread, or during your "killing time at work the next morning" review, by "Rec"-ing comments that strike a cord in your jaded, Avalanche loving/hating heart.  "How do I Rec a comment" you're asking? Simple.  At the bottom of each comment, there's an "Action" link.  Click it and then click "Rec." It's that simple.

In a totally non-democratic way, I'll pick my favorite and post it the following morning.  Hopefully, DD will link to it when appropriate and we can all bask in the interactivity of this internet thingy.

I know you're asking yourself "How can I possibly compete with the genius that is Mike @ MHH and his singular wit?"  Don't worry, it's not about out-doing your fellow posters.  It's about giving props where props are due.  This should be fun, not a pissing contest or a competition.  Just go with the flow. We may not have much to laugh at over the coming weeks leading up to the draft (the only likely silver lining on this season), so let's try and put a little shine on this turd.

So, without further ado, here's our first Quote of the Night:

Avs "power" play is the difference in this game - Americanario

Short. Succinct. 100% Correct.  I fully endorse the putting "power" in quotes when discussing the Avalanche PP, by the way.