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Anyone Speak Czech?

If so, there's a couple of interviews up of Milan Hejduk and Marek Svatos up for your viewing pleasure (I was going to look up the Czech word for "pleasure" there, but figured I'd likely end up with something like "orgasm").

For those of us not fluent in all languages Slovak, here's the author's recaps:

Milan Hejduk talks (in Czech) about his disappointment with Avalanche season, personally unhappy the way he and his team performed this year."Hockey is a team sport. When the team is not doing well the individuals on the team are not doing well and no one can be happy with their performance. So I'm not happy.", said Hejduk.


I asked him about HIS season, not the team's - since we all know, that the team is getting smacked around like a red-headed step child. 

Marek said that this season was not so great for him, he had a slow start due to his knee surgery last season and long recovery over last summer. "It would be great to have a season and not to be bothered by the lingering knee issues..."

'Svats' also said, that his scoring production was off this year from what he wanted it to be. He feels happy to remain in Colorado after the trading deadline March 4, mainly, because he's used to the system here and likes living in Denver (what he did not say, is that his wife Diana and him are expecting a little boy in June, and i'm sure, it would've made things a bit hectic if they had to move at this point.) There's one more year  left on Svats current Avalanche contract.

Yet from the player's perspective, i can see that Marek would not be to opposed to get a chance to play on a different team, where he could get more ice-time and fresh start.