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Mile High Hockey: Not Just Prophetic About Goats

Me, eight days ago:

Over the last couple of days, I've been tossing around the idea that maybe The Baron isn't meant to be a Top 6 forward, as 45-50 points isn't completely optimal for the top 2 lines. And, honestly, Wolski's defense, poise and offensive output would make for an excellent anchor for the 3rd line, something the Avalanche haven't had in years.

Tony Granato, today (via the Denver Post):

The first few games, we created something we thought was pretty special, at center. But his play leveled off pretty fast. He shows signs of briliance, and then the consistency that we need out of a top-line center, he hasn’t given us for the last, probably, month.

We're talking about Wojtek Wolski, of course. Since there seems to be a 7-10 day delay for my messages to get to Tony G, I assume there's no point in sending in an Arnason request, is there?