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Mike's Miscellany™ Vol. VI

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Because nobody demanded it (and Joe threatened to hold back my allowance), it's another rip-roaring edition of the Internet's Most Useless Goalie Ramblings!!! And yes, I'm really going to stick with the roman numeral bit.  I'm a nerd. Roll with it.

  • I think we can all agree that this season's SPG race turned out to not be much of a race at all.  There's a pretty clear dividing line between those who gave a crap (i.e. MacBond) and those who didn't (everybody else).
  • Tony Granato makes a half-hearted, cliche-filled pitch to remain with the Avalanche next year.  He also gives some props to recent call-ups Galiardi and Peltier. I personally like Peltier's comment about putting a better product on the ice for the fans' sake.
  • Kurt Streeter on the left coast has a really good article on goaltending through the eyes of the Kings' J. Quick. With a name like Quick he has to be good, right?  That's why the Avs got Mike Wall remember.  Names mean everything.
  • Free knowledge for the day: ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Or in my case: No hockey for three weeks...
  • Al Strachan has a piece on tanking to rebuild.  What kind of piece it is will be left up to the reader...
  • Old favorite Marc Crawford had somebody ghost-write an article on the necessary ingredients for a Stanley Cup Championship team. How do I know it's ghost-written? Neaderthals didn't have a written language... *EDIT: Props to From The Point for putting up a Fanshot on this one.
  • I imagine this book's first chapter is a page in length with the phrase "This page left intentionally blank" printed on it.  The second and third, however, are only available in encyclopedic, 23-volume sets.
  • My alma-mater has an ice hockey team. Here's photgraphic evidence: