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Game 76: Avalanche At Ducks, Preview And Open Thread


After that last game against the Ducks - possibly the worst Avalanche effort of all time - a Duck fan posted the following on a (non-hockey) message board that I frequent:

That Avs team I saw against the Ducks last night was easily the worst team I have personally seen in the NHL since the expansion teams in the 90's. Having a drop off after injuries is one thing, but zero effort and pride is another. On Perry's second goal, they let him walk 10 feet towards the net, put a slapshot on goal and Clark (who is supposed to be one of the veterans) actually got out of the way of the shot - top corner. He wouldn't have a job tomorrow if I was running the team. Even worse than the Kings last couple of years.

I know what you're thinking: the Anaheim Ducks have fans capable of using the internet? Yep, I had no idea either. Turns out, they do. And this fan was right on the money. The Avalanche are terrible right now. I'm angry, bitter, disappointed, etcetera, blah, blah, blah. The only thing that could make me angrier right now is if the Avs somehow fuck it up and don't secure a Top 2 pick - I am developing a bigtime crush on Victor Hedman. Yes, I want the team to lose, even if it means a 7-game losing streak (worst since the team moved to Denver).

Expected goalies tonight are Budaj and Hiller.