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Some Cool New Additions

The magnificent tech team at SBN has unveiled some great new additions across the board. One is the inclusion of AP and Getty photos, which can be easily integrated into posts (example to the right, although it has absolutely nothing to do with this article). My favorite addition, however, are the new player pages, complete with scouting reports. How can I NOT love reading the following:

Flaws: Has had issues with discipline. Motivation and desire have also been in question. Must show greater consistency.

Oh, Tyler, it's going to be hard to quit you.

TSN used to have these same scouting reports, but they nixed them a while back. I've really missed them. I don't know how often they change them, because Peter Budaj is still showing the same (and, IMO, completely ass-backward) scouting report that I remember seeing on his TSN page:

Still needs work on positioning, since he relies too heavily on his recuperative powers. Will occasionally let in a soft goal.

At any rate, I'm really excited about these new additions. Pension Plan Puppets have a terrific primer on the new changes. Enjoy