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Clark Injured, Macias Next In On-Deck Circle

Well, why the hell not? Brett Clark is injured. Or, that's official Avaline, anyway. Curiously, Clark played 24 minutes on Sunday and was on the ice at the end of the game. This wouldn't have anything to do with his lackadaisical approach to defense down the stretch, would it? Okay, setting aside the jokes for a second, Clark only has 6 blocks in his last 3 games - so it wouldn't totally be beyond the realm of possibility that he's been nursing an injury.

At any rate, Ray Macias is the newest player to step through the Lake Erie to Colorado one-way door. I don't know much about him, but Mirtle has a little blurb:

As an aside, Macias played in Kamloops as a 16-year-old way back when I was still living in B.C., and he's a pretty interesting story. He is part of the new wave of kids from California who have begun playing in the WHL, and was a phenomenal skater at that level (having learned to skate on speed skates, the story goes).

As Jori points out, Macias will become the 4th player from the Avs' 2005 draft to play in the NHL (following Stastny, Hensick and Cumiskey).

I have high hopes for Macis - he's been assigned #47. So far, the callups with a number in the 40s have all done fairly well - Stewart, Galiardi, Vernace, even Chris Durno.