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Top Avs Of All Time: #5 Tyler Arnason


Guys like Mike Keane, Claude Lemieux, Adam Deadmarsh and Mike Ricci set the bar pretty high when it came to Avalanche players known for their fierce grit and determination. They created some tough acts to follow.

But there is one current Avalanche player that fits that model to a T.  That's Tyler Arnason.  Known for his tireless work ethic on the ice, his brilliant two-way play, his uncanny offensive acumen, and his crushing body checks, "Arny" continues to lead the Avs to incredible success each and every game.  For these reasons and more, his place in the top echelon of the Top 19 Avalanche Players Of All Time will always be secure.

Oh, who am I kidding?  Hey, look, it's already April!