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MHH Playoff Field Trip: Night 1



MHH's first ever playoff GDT Field Trip has been set up for tonight.  Head on over to Japers' Rink for Game 1 of the NY Rangers vs. the Washington Capitals.

Remember folks, when visiting friends, it's important to be polite.  No trolling or endless whining about Theo or missing the playoffs.  Let's show the East Coasters how we roll at MHH: insightful, funny comments about the game and players. And nicknames.And goal girls. And the use of "That's what she said!' at least two dozen times.

Per our extensive negotiations with JP (the head muckity-muck), MHH members are allowed to use the following nicknames for Theo: Limp Cane, Hairy Midget, Jose Threeorfour.

Feel free to spread the gospel that is my Conspiracy Theory, defend Future Av Matt Duchene as the second coming, pine over Chris Drury , drool over Mike Green and King Henrik, develop man-crushes on Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom, throw out ridiculously unbalanced trades for back-up goalie Varlamov, and comment on the relative goodness of the announcers and non-uniprons. Just behave.