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ITCS Material Added To MHH Archives

Just a brief programming note. The terrific SB Nation tech team has add all the old articles over to the archives here at MHH. It didn't seem like it made sense to have content at both places, and this will free me up to wipe everything out at ITCS to make room for future projects.

For those who are relatively new to Mile High Hockey, ITCS was my old Avalanche blog; I moved over to MHH full-time in November.

A couple of notes about the import process. Comments from ITCS were retained, but aren't attached to your MHH accounts (for those who visited both sites). Most of the links and photos (didn't use them much) seem to be retained, except when I was linking to another page within ITCS - those links are going to be screwed up. I'll be fixing some of the relevant ones (final grades, for example) on my own, but I'm not going to go too crazy; if you do see something you think needs fixin', my email is in my profile.

Also, Dario's ITCS articles have also made the move.