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Your Monday Afternoon Thread

Sorry for the lack of activity, kiddos.  David is under the weather and I'm studying for finals, so we're not really able to post today.

Instead, I'll post this little thread here and you guys can chit chat about whatever.  How about the playoffs?


Tonight's games:

Boston (2) v. Montreal (0) at 7:00 PM EDT

Washington (0) v. Rangers (2) at 7:00 PM EDT

Chicago (2) v. Calgary (0) at 9:30 PM EDT


Personally, I'm rooting for the Bruins, the Caps and the 'Hawks in these series.  I'd love to see Boston advance at least another round, and I'm hoping Ovechkin can rally his troops and put up some kind of fight against the stupid Blueshirts.

As for the Blackhawks, well, that's my team this year.  I know Coach Q is at the helm and they're technically a Western Conference rival of the Avs, but they've got spirit.  Not too long ago the 'Hawks were a terrible waste of a franchise playing in an empty building and not allowed on TV in Chicago.  Now they're a resurgent Original Six team with a legit shot at a deep run in the playoffs.  I'd love for them to win the Cup.  And how cool would it be for Kane and Toews to take home the hardware before Sid and Ovie? 

Talk amongst yourselves.