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Per Ledin Returns To Sweden

It's been rumored for a while, but now it's official. Per Ledin has signed a 6-year deal with HV71 Jönköping of the Swedish Elite League. Ledin played for HV71 the season before coming to the stateside and if I remember a recent article correctly, his family was still in Jönköping.

I'm sorry to see Ledin go. Honestly, I think the Avalanche botched this one - he should have had a longer look at the NHL level.

From the looks of this translated article, it appears that Ledin's choice essentially boiled down to a choice between Jönköping and Luleå HF (a club he spent 5 years with previously). If staying in the NHL was a viable option, it wasn't mentioned...

[Thanks to AvsSweden for breaking the bad news]