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Game 79: Avalance At Sharks, Preview And Open Thread

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Colorado Avalanche
@ San Jose Sharks

Tuesday, Apr 7, 2009, 8:30 PM MDT
HP Pavilion

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On Sunday, rumor has it that enraged fans will force Tyler Arnason to remove his Avalanche jersey. Before we get to that glorious moment, we've got a couple more of these things to get through.

Tonight, the cruddy Avalanche take on the 1st-place San Jose Sharks. The Sharks could be a tad complacent but they are still fighting to lock up home ice throughout the playoffs. Of course, I thought the Canucks would play hard on Sunday, and they stunk up the joint. For some reason, though, I feel like the Avs can pull this one out.

The Lake Erie Monsters have been officially eliminated from the playoffs, but still no call up for Tyler Weiman (AHL-leading 8 shutouts) or Jason Bacashihua. Per Ledin has also been playing well lately, but no call-up for him (and it's apparently being reported what most of us suspected - that he's heading back to Europe as soon as his season ends). I find both of these non-moves by the Avalanche to be a little head-scratching at best, woefully stupid at worst.

Speaking of woefully stupid, tonight's game is being shown on Versus and, in typical second-rate network fashion, will be pre-empted if the early game (Minnesota and Dallas) runs too long. Is there really THAT much else this shitty network needs to be showing that they can't move the early game up 30 minutes? And don't even get me started on the 10:30 eastern start...

Budaj and Nabokov are the expected goalies for the night.