I hate the Redwings

After watching Game 6 of the Wings/Ducks series, I just felt the need to tell people that I absolutely hate the Redwings.  All of their fans are absolute homers and never take blame for any short comings they have. 

They all blame Curtis Joseph for playing like garbage vs the Ducks when J.S Giguere stole almost the entire playoffs (won the Conn Smythe in a losing effort). 

They're also crying and whining about game 3's bogus call (it was bogus) and are gonna blame the entire playoffs on that one call.  The goal would have forced overtime and anything could have happened and in the wake of that call the Wings won the next 2 games by an overall margin of 10-4.  Watching game 6 I heard excuses of minicule offsides and penalty calls and no one admitting that they just played poorly.

And it absolutely bugs me to no end that they can play so well in the regular season and seem so vulnerable in the playoffs.


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