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Final Grade: Scott Hannan

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1st Half 40 0 2 2 -6 8 0 0 0 0 0 31
2nd Half 41 1 7 8 -15 18 1 0 0 0 0 39
Total 81 1 9 10 -21 26 1 0 0 0 0 70


Final Grade


2008 Grade

2007 Grade



Midseason Grade: B+

Final Grade: B-

Joined Team: Signed as a free agent, July 1st, 2007.

MHH Nicknames: The Hobbit


  • Liles (29)
  • Clark (24)
  • Foote (12)
  • Salei (9)
  • Vernace (6)
  • Leopold (1)

Ice Time:*

  • TOT 22:22 (1st)
  • EV 18:19 (1st)
  • PK 3:45 (1st)
  • PP :17 (4th)

*Rank is based on total minutes, not average per game.

Best Month: March (5pts in 13 games)

Career Highlights: Hannan has never been an offensive spark plug. Still, his 10 points (and -21 rating) were the lowest of his career.

Hannan played in his 600th NHL game early in the season and also scored his 150th NHL point.

Report: It used to be that Brett Clark was the most polarizing player on the Avs, but now that Clark has devolved into the defensive equivilant of that skin that forms on the top of pudding, Hannan is the new guy. Personally, I think The Hobbit is a pretty good defenseman - he's a physical (in a stand up way, not a big check along the boards way) stay-at-home shot blocker. He's just not quite consistent enough to be THE #1 guy (no one has played more minutes for the Avs since he signed) and to be making #1 money (he was the 27th highest paid defenseman last year). If Adam Foote had played like he should have or if Hannan was making, say, a million less, there would be much more Hobbit Love flowing from the overpriced seats in the Pepsi Center.

But Foote (and all his brethren) played like ass and Hannan continued to bring home roughly $86 grand a week so the microscope was in full effect. Hannan had the worst plus/minus on the team. Considering he often was out against the opposing team's best players, this makes some sense...but you all want a little more bang for your 4.5 million bucks, no? And hey, while we're at it, is there any reason we can't get just a little offense from you, Charlie? ['re gonna DIE, Charlie]. I don't quite get that one. Hannan seems pretty comfortable with the puck (unlike, say Kurt Sauer) and theoretically should be scoring a few more points. 10 points? Geez, Tyler Arnason doubled that without even trying.

On the whole, I think Hannan had another "pretty good" year - not as bad as some detractors think, but not as good as we were expecting. A word of warning, though, Mr Hannan: if you don't stop with the half-assed blocks that end up A) screening your goalie or B) deflecting the puck or C) both, I will be far less kind next year. Get down to the ice or get out of the freaking way. Watch Clark - it's the one thing he does absolutely right. You've been warned, Charlie. Desmond out.

Fun Fact: Hannan missed the playoffs for just the 2nd time as an NHL regular.

The Scott Hannan Drinking Game: Drink when Hannan screens a goalie or deflects a puck onto net Drunk potential: High

What I Said Last Year: "I don't think Hannan's contract will ever be considered a steal and I don't think Hannan will ever be considered a #1 guy, but I do think he was a solid acquisition that will, in the long run, work out very well for the Avs."

2008 Salary (and Cap Number): $4.5M ($4.5M)

2009-2010 Status: Hannan is signed for 2 more seasons at $4.5 million. He has a NTC.

Outlook for 2009: More of the same. If you aren't a Hannan fan, I don't think you're going to be swayed next year. I still think the signing of Hannan was a solid one and that we're a better team with him on the roster. What, you mean you'd rather have given that $4.5 million to Ron Hainsey or Eric Brewer? I'll stick with Hannan, thanks.

Next Up: Milan Hejduk