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Mike's Miscellany™ Vol. VII

Couple of random things floating through my jumbled brain as we get set to head into Round Trois of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

  • I had my four picks for who should advance to the Conference Finals, and some higher power decided that I'd watched too much playoff hockey, so all but one of them were eliminated in the plethora of Game 7's in the 2nd round.  Thanks for nothing Boston, Washington and Anahiem.
  • Simeon Varlamov.  I pray your psyche isn't as fragile as Theo's hair folicles and that you can bounce back from that sieve like fish net-like perfomance (because fish nets have bigger holes, get it?).
  • I hate the Red Wings, like we all do.  I has nothing to do with the players or even the city, though it's an easy target.  It's the fans. And yes, they are simultaneously bitching about officials from a series they won, and a series that hasn't been played yet.  Good times.
  • Speaking of the Red Wings, my current nightmare fuel involves another SCF between them and the Penguins.  I like to call it "Not this shit again, Vol. II. My hatred has reached a new level because of this and I actually berated a 9-year-old Detroit fan at one of my local rinks.  I may need professional help.  I'll have to get BiB's therapist's number.
  • Even though I was rooting for the Bruins, watching Cam Ward in that Game 7, the over-riding thought I had was "I don't think this guy will make a mistake.  He absolutely THRIVES in the post-season!" (if you read it like Pierre McGuire would say it, it'll make you throw up in your own mouth).
  • My beer-league team, the Screamin' Pylons, won our division, maybe you heard about it?  My secret (as team GM)? Ringers. Lots and lots of ringers.