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Your Move, Patrick?

The Avalanche Ass Backwards 2009 Offseason continues, as word is out that Patrick Roy has indeed been offered the coaching job.

Darren Dreger:

There seems to be more of a comfort zone with Roy and the Avalanche right now, and it sounds like it's up to Patrick Roy. If he wants the gig, the Colorado Avalanche are simply waiting for the phone to ring. But trying to determine what that gig is, officially, is tough to do, because some are saying it's not only coach, but "coach plus" - involving something in the management group.

Adrian Dater:

Former Avs star Patrick Roy has been offered Granato's job and is mulling over the offer, according to multiple NHL sources who are close to Roy. The Hall of Fame goalie could not be reached for comment Sunday night, and the Avs had no comment about the possibility of Roy replacing Granato. Granato has not yet been told he's out of a job.

It's probably good that the Avalanche don't bother with interviewing candidates from outside the organization. Who would want to come to an franchise that can't even get something simple like this done properly? Psst, Pierre, you we're supposed to hire the puppet GM first...