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More Egg For Lacroix's Face

Adrian Dater has the latest Avalanche Summer Fiasco details in the Post this morning. According to a Toronto radio interview, Pierre Lacroix first contacted Patrick Roy during the season to gauge his interest.

Avalanche president Pierre Lacroix first reached out to Patrick Roy in the middle of last season to gauge his interest in a future with the team, Roy said Wednesday in an interview with a Toronto radio station.

"I received a phone call from Pierre Lacroix during the season, I think it was January, and he asked if I had some interest in talking with him at the end of the season," the former Avalanche goaltender and Hall of Famer said. "I said, 'Yeah, I'd be open to talk.' "

Not only is Lacroix screwing over his existing coach, but apparently he was undermining his existing GM along the way.