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Vince McMahon Challenges Stan Kroenke to Cage Match

The story AaronHawn brought to our attention about a week ago has taken a surreal turn. Vince and the WWE are opining that Stan and Co. obviously didn't believe the Nuggets could go deep in the playoffs so the scheduled a Monday Night Raw event. That same event now conflicts with Game 4 of the Nuggests Western Conference Final series against the LA Lakers.

Vince McMahon seems to be reaching the same conclusions that Avs fans have been muttering lately:

"Their business management is the most inept business management we've ever dealt with." - Vince McMahon on E. Stanley Kroenke

Tell us something we don't know...

So who do you take in the fight? Vince or Stan? They should play for pinks: If Vince wins, he gets the Nuggets and Avs. If Stan wins, we all lose.