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Another Day, Another Roy Rumor

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The Roy Saga Blooming Onion may have had a couple more layers peeled back today. Rue Frontenac is reporting that Roy has been offered the position of coach and GM of the Avalanche (a painful-to-read google translation is here). I believe the gist is that Lacroix offered Roy both titles because Canadiens GM Bob Gainey could not. Roy would have the help of Craig Billington in his GM role and would like to have Sylvain Lefevbre and Drummondville coach Guy Boucher behind the bench with him.

The GM rumors have been floating around out there from day one and certainly seem to be gaining steam lately (Dater mentioned it on his blog a week ago). Really, it would, in hindsight, make Lacroix's bizarre hiring process seem a tad more logical (I floated around this very scenario back when we first started hearing about this). It still doesn't forgive the public humiliation he's bestowed on Tony Granato, but I've already gotten that rant out of my system.