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Day 44

Today is Day 44 of Pierre Lacroix's restoration project. It's looking really good so far. So far he's:



  • Fired Francois Giguere





That's pretty much it, unless you want to include the jokey "Cut a hole in a box" option. We still have no GM (and one of the better GM candidates on the market has gone to a division rival). We not only have the same substandard coach, Lacroix may have actually found a way to make Granato less effective with his asshole shenanigans. The desperation ploy to offer Saint Patrick unprecedented power has failed, but not without a long, drawn out, embarrassing public process. And every step of the way, the fans have been kept in the loop with insightful and informational communication. I'm sure those season tickets are going to sell like hotcakes now. Right? *cue tumbleweeds*

Seriously, when do we gently ask Pierre for his keys, turn him away from his parked car and whisper "enough"? You've been a good friend to our team, Pierre, and you're welcome to sleep this one off on our couch, but we don't think you should be driving. Come on in - let me grab you a pillow and show you how to use the remote...