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A Plea to The Penguins

Hey there, just your absentee blog founder here.

I would like to express my profound disappointment in the Chicago Blackhawks, and former Avalanche coach Joel Quenneville, for failing to defeat the stupid Red Wings.

I just want the entire city of Chicago to know that they've really let me down.  It's bad enough that the Cubs recently suffered an eight-game losing streak, but for the 'Hawks to only win one game against the Wangs is just too much to handle right now.

So to the Penguins, listen close: nobody ever gets a second chance to defeat the same team they lost the Cup to the year before.  Nobody.  Ever.  So choking now after such a dominant run through the playoffs would be absolutely unforgivable.  And I say this not as an actual fan of the Penguins, but as a fan of a completely different team that didn't even make the playoffs.  So that means I'm really serious.

Crosby and Malkin, for the love of Lord Stanley, beat the Wings already.  Please.