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Intriguing...And Worrisome

Am I the only one confused by the Patrick Roy news today? The assumption is that Roy is meeting with Pierre Lacroix to discuss a coaching position. While the overall concept makes sense, the timing does not.

In case you forgot, the Avalanche have a coach. I certainly haven't - I've been complaining that Tony Granato is still around since April 13th. Regardless, the Avalanche have a coach and you don't talk to potential new coaches when there's a coach in place.

The Avalanche do not have a GM. The GM is the guy who hires (and fires) the coach. So, again, why would Lacroix be rumored to be talking to a potential new coach? Shouldn't that be the job of the next GM? Even assuming the next GM will be a Pierre Puppet, this is rather brash stuff from PL. "Congratulations on becoming the next GM, Craig Billington, now here's the coach I've picked for you. Hey, give Tony a call for me, will you?"

Even as ass-backwards as the organization is doing things lately, this just doesn't make sense. There's only a few different conclusions you can draw from today's news.

  1. Roy is just in Denver to take in a few Nuggets games and just happened to pay a visit to his old friend (and agent).
  2. Pierre Lacroix is even more sheltered and egomaniacal than we figured and has no need for our silly standard operating procedures.
  3. Roy will be joining the team as a different capacity other than coach. GM? GM / coach? Janitor? Scout? 2nd-line center?

As Dater reminds us today, "Lacroix said the Avs would have a new 'management structure' upon Giguere's dismissal, so it's possible there could be some new hybrid roles for existing personnel or those who join the team." Frankly, it sounds like a giant clusterfuck in the making.