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Final Grade: David Jones

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1st Half 37 6 4 10 -10 8 6 0 0 0 1 43
2nd Half 3 2 1 3 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 4
Total 40 8 5 13 -8 8 7 1 0 0 1 47


Final Grade


2008 Grade

2007 Grade



Midseason Grade: C

Final Grade: C+

Joined Team: Drafted in the 9th round of the 2003 NHL Draft

MHH Nicknames: Jonesy [Not great, but at least it isn't "Davey"]


  • RW (35)
  • LW (5)


  • 3rd (20)
  • 2nd (14)
  • 4th (5)
  • 1st (1)



  • Wolski (11)
  • McLeod (9)
  • Stewart (8)
  • Laperriere (4)
  • Tucker (2)
  • Smyth (1)


  • Arnason (16)
  • Hensick (9)
  • Sakic (6)
  • Laperriere (5)
  • McCormick (3)
  • Stastny (1)


  • Svatos (5)

Ice Time:*

  • TOT 12:43 (14th)
  • EV 11:19 (14th)
  • PK :47 (9th)
  • PP :37 (12th)

*Rank is based on total minutes, not average per game.

Best Month: December (6pts in 14 games)

Career Highlights: Jones set a career high for GP (40), Goals (8), Assists (5), Points (13) and Shots (47)

Report: It's been too long since we last saw Jones on the ice, as he missed almost all of the 2nd half. That's too bad, because after a dreadful start (2 points in 16 games), Jones was heating up (11 in his final 24) and on a couple of nights may have been the Avs best player. Jones has shown so many glimmers of greatness to give us hope - the speed, the hitting (54 hits in 40 games), the double or triple moves to get around a defenseman but he still hasn't quite been able to put it together. The shoulder injury that knocked him out for the year was extra frustrating in this regard, as it appeared he was starting to get it going.

As I was looking over Jone's line combinations, it strikes me that he may have been one of the few young players that Granato seemed to slot properly all year. The bulk of his time was on the 2nd or 3rd lines, and that's probably about right.

Fun Fact: According to, David is the 12th of 13 Joneses to play in the NHL. And I'm guessing ALL of them we're nicknamed "Jonesy"

The David Jones Drinking Game: Drink when Jones breaks in alone on the right wing before getting snuffed out in the corner Drunk potential: Decent

What I Said Last Year: "Hopefully, the chemistry he showed with TJ Hensick in the playoffs will be something both players can build on next year; the team would look a whole lot better if the two of them were able to turn the corner."

2008 Salary (and Cap Number): $550K ($550K)

2009-2010 Status: RFA ($605K minimum QO)

Outlook for 2009: I'm a big fan of Jones, and not just because he went to college in the great state of New Hampshire. He's exciting to watch with his combination of size, speed and skill and man, wouldn't he and Chris Stewart cause some fits for our opponents if they both were able to find their game? Like so many of his teammates, he needs to find a way to get the puck in (I'd settle for on) the net more consistently. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but I feel Jones could have a breakthrough year next year.

Next Up: Cody McLeod (Monday)