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So, Is The Ball Rolling Yet?


As Adrian Dater pointed out on Sunday, it's probably about time for the Colorado Avalanche to announce this exciting new management structure. Many of the assumed roadblocks standing in the way of such an announcement have been cleared:

  • Patrick Roy said "thanks, but no thanks" allowing the Avs to go with whatever Plan B is
  • Pierre Lacroix is out of the hospital (all of us at MHH are happy to hear this and wish Pierre a speedy recovery)
  • The Denver Nuggets have been eliminated (the NBA is not my bag, but it sounds like they had a nice little run)
  • The long-awaited Avalanche Play of the Year has finally been announced!

Okay, things are falling into place. Let's kick the tires and light the fires, gentlemen. Announce Craig Billington whatever candidate was chosen after an exhaustive search as the new GM. This will allow us to heap glorious praise on the organization, something we're all just itching to do. Hurry up, Avalanche brass - the suspense is killing us.