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Colorado Recruitment Day: 2009 NHL Entry Draft Live Thread


The day has finally arrived!! It's Friday, June 26th and the Colorado Avalanche have the opportunity to make great strides in the rebuilding process via the 2009 version of the NHL Entry Draft!  Avalanche fans across the globe wait with bated breath and tight sphincters as the very real fear of Lacroix, Sherman, and Co. royally screwing the pooch lingers like a bad fart.  While we wait, let's take another quick look at the likely candidates to be donning a unipron in the near future.  For your viewing enjoyment I cracked Eric Lacroix' personal safe and obtained these never-before-seen files on the prospects (after the Jump).  Does it bug anybody else that they are in the format of file cards for beloved 1980's action figures?





So, sit back, strap in, and let's get the 2009 Draft Day Party Thread Started. Here's our MC, Conan O'Brien!!

Ichigo says "Vroom-Vroom Party Starter!" (via johnnysama)

Wait, that's not right....

Ahhh, who the hell cares!! Let's kick this pig!!!!

NOTE: All profile information shamelessly lifted from here, here, and here.