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2009 NHL Entry Draft, Day 2 Live Thread

The Big Three. Photo courtesy Jamie Squire (Getty Images)
The Big Three. Photo courtesy Jamie Squire (Getty Images)

In the end, the first round of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft didn't have any of the craziness that had been speculated. Despite talk of trades and rumors that Matt Duchene would be taken first overall, the early part of the draft went exactly as projected and the only trade of the night involving players was the fleecing of the Philadelphia Flyers for Chris Pronger.

As of right now, the Avalanche have 6 picks to make today, including the 2nd pick of the day. Here's where the Avalanche are slated to pick:

That, of course, is subject to the little maneuvering trades that will happen off and on during the day.

The draft itself is being televised by the NHL Network. Hopefully, they won't repeat Versus' folly by stripping off the tracker from the bottom of the TSN feed. I personally will be away from a TV for a good chunk of the draft, and I think that goes for the rest of the MHH staff too, but I expect the Avalanche to take a future superstar with every single selection today. Is that asking too much?

Here's a list of who the Avs took, along with a little scouting info on each, from