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Final Grade: Ray Macias

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Final Grade


Midseason Grade: N/A

Final Grade: INC

Joined Team: Drafted in the 4th round of the 2005 Entry Draft.

MHH Nicknames: None


  • Liles (6)

Ice Time:*

  • TOT 17:59 (10th)
  • EV 15:23 (10th)
  • PK :40 (11th)
  • PP 2:29 (5th)

*Rank is based on total minutes, not average per game.

Best Month: April (1 point in 6 games)

Career Highlights: Macias made his debut in 2008-2009 and scored his first NHL point against Dallas on April 9th. He is currently tied with Jeff Daw, Chris McAllister, Anders Myrvold, Ed Crowley, Dave Hannan, DJ Smith and Janne Laukkanen for 129th on the Avs all time scoring list.

Report: I'll be honest. In the 6 games I saw Macias play, the only thing I can remember is the powerplay assist he had against Dallas (Stewart from Macias and Hensick). I know he's supposed to be a good skating defenseman who's working on his defensive game (boy, you can write that about a whole heap of players coming through our system right now, can't you?) but I just didn't get a good grasp from the limited action I saw.

Fun Fact: Macias was one of 3 Avs to record their first NHL point in 2008-2009.

The Ray Macias Drinking Game: Drink when someone mentions Macias' past as an inline skater Drunk potential: Significant

What I Said Last Year: N/A

2008 Salary (and Cap Number): $585k ($525k)

2009-2010 Status: Macias is signed for one more year at the above cap number and then becomes a RFA

Outlook for 2009: I have a feeling we'll see more of Macias in the future, although probably not a ton next season unless there's another rash of injuries. Since I, like Macias, am originally from California I'm pulling for him to make it. But it's too early to see if that's going to happen.

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