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The 2009 NHL Free Agency Live Thread

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As I muddled through my agonizing .7 mile commute this morning, I took note of the dark grey storm clouds hovering threateningly close to the earth. That's not them in the picture above, but it's the closest representation I could find on Google. In a way, I feel the storm clouds are brewing for the Avalanche as we head into free agency today. We've already been told that some of our heart and soul players (Ian Laperriere and Ben Guite) will be jettisoned along with the unwanted junk (Andrew Raycroft, Tyler Arnason).  On an even more depressing front, the Avs are rumored to be looking to cut payroll. It sounds unlikely that they'll be in play for much today other than one of the myriad of veteran castoff goaltenders flooding the market. Yeah, today should just be a sunshiney day.

At any rate, here's the thread to discuss the signings (if any) by the Avalanche and the other NW teams. You can actually discuss all the signings, but I'll just be updating this post with NW signings, along with the landing point of beloved (and not-so-beloved) former Avs.


Mile High Hockey free agency cheat sheet.

The Avs have roughly $9.5 million in cap space after signing Peter Budaj, but still need a goalie

  • G Peter Budaj (Col): 1 year / $1.25 million
  • G Craig Anderson (Fla): 2 years / $1.8 million
  • F David Koci (TB): 1 year / $575K



Copper And Blue free agency cheat sheet.

The Oilers have about $10 million in cap space and are likely itching to spend it after getting spurned by Dany MegaDough Heatley.

  • G Nikolai Khabibulin (Chi): 4 years / $3.75 million
  • D Jason Strudwick (Edm): 1 year / $700k



Matchsticks & Gasoline free agency cheat sheet.

The Flames had about $11 million in cap space, but that was before signing Jay Bouwmeester to a 5 year deal at $6.6 million per season.

  • D Jay Bouwmeester (Cal): 5 Years / $6.6 million
  • F Fredrik Sjostrom (NYR): 2 years/ $750K

The Wild have about $14 million in cap space and appear to be looking for a scoring forward to replace Marion Gaborik.

  • F Martin Havlat (Chi): 5 years / $6 million


Nucks Misconduct free agency cheat sheet

The Canucks have abour $23 million to either re-sign the Sedins or buy a new first line.

  • F Daniel Sedin (Van): 5 years / $6.1 million
  • F Henrik Sedin (Van): 5 years / $6.1 million
  • D Aaron Rome (CBJ): 1 year / $550k


Notable Ex-Avs

  • F Ian Laperriere: Philadelphia 3 years / $1.17 million
  • F Ben Guite
  • F Tyler Arnason
  • G Andrew Raycroft
  • F Stephane Yelle
  • F Alex Tanguay
  • D Patrice Brisebois
  • D Derek Morris
  • F Bates Battaglia
  • F Chris Gratton
  • D Greg de Vries
  • D Ken Klee
  • F Dan Hinote