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The Morning Papers

Here's a few odds and ends links from around the internet, some relating to the Avs, others not so much.

  • jibblescribbits had a nice scoop yesterday, reporting that Denis Parshin may be close to signing with the Avalanche. Parshin and Canucks' prospect Sergei Shirokov are reportedly attempting to buy themselves out of their CSKA Moscow contracts so that they can sign with their respective NHL clubs. Parshin was drafted by the Avalanche in the 3rd round of the 2004 draft. He's a talented player (Hockey's Future calls him the most talented stickhandler from the 2004 draft - a draft that included Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin...and Wojtek Wolski). He's tiny, though: 5'9, 165.
  • Angélique is reporting (via Hockey's Future) that Jonas Holos has rejected a contract offer from the Avalanche and will remain in Sweden for one more year. From the article, it does appear that Holos wants to come to North America eventually, but doesn't feel quite ready yet and is aware that he would be spending most of his time in the AHL (No idea where he would have gotten that crazy idea).
  • Hockey's Future has their review of the Avs 2009 Draft up. I just kind of skimmed it, to be honest, having already read Angélique's excellent review.
  • Dale Tallon has been fired as GM of the Blackhawks, apparently because of his huge RFA gaffe. The Second City Hockey boys are not thrilled.
  • Former Wild coach is now the coach of the New Jersey Devils.
  • The NHL schedule will be released tomorrow. I usually do a little analasys if the schedule when it's released and I do expect to do the same tomorrow.