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The 2009-2010 Avalanche [Updated With Some Duchene Kid]

Since Joe and I have bombarded the airwaves enough today...

Here's a depth / cap update with the addition of Matt Duchene (who now has a spiffy, but sparse, new profile page). I'm using CapGeek's numbers, which are different than the $3.2 Terry Frei is reporting.

Frankly, I don't like this depth chart at all and considered throwing Duchene on Stastny's wing, but figured that would send thedoctor into cardiac arrest. So, for now, I've moved Wolski back to wing (guh), bumped Hensick up to the 2nd line (double guh), dropped Galiardi down to the 3rd line (because a TJ + TJ + Svatos line would have caused by blogging license to be revoked) and moved Stoa back down to the notables bench.

1 Wojtek Wolski 2.800 Paul Stastny 6.600 Milan Hejduk * 3.900
2 Cody McLeod 1.033 T.J. Hensick 0.850 Marek Svatos 2.050
3 T.J. Galiardi 0.875 Matt Duchene 3.400 David Jones 0.838
4 Darcy Tucker 2.250 Brian Willsie 0.600 Chris Stewart 0.850
Res David Koci 0.575
1 Scott Hannan * 4.500 John-Michael Liles * 4.200
2 Brett Clark 3.500 Ruslan Salei 3.025
3 Adam Foote * 3.000 Kyle Quincey 0.525
Res Kyle Cumiskey 0.600 Tom Preissing 2.750
1 Craig Anderson 1.813
2 Peter Budaj 1.250
Under Contract 23
Estimated Hit 51.783
Estimated Cap 56.800
Cap Space 5.017
Change -2.550
* denotes NTC
§ denotes RFA
Other Notables
D Wes O'Neill 0.815
D Ray Macias 0.585
D Derek Peltier 0.512
F Philippe Dupuis 0.575
F Darren Haydar 0.525
F Ryan Stoa 0.850
F Justin Mercier 0.563
F Cedric L-M 0.610