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Hump Day Thread: All Quiet On The Front Range

Still not much going on in Avalanche land, but here are some things I found interesting around the NHL in general this week:

  • Marian Ho$$a will miss the entire first half of the season due to a totally not self-inflicted out of pure shame rotator cuff injury.  That really breaks my heart.  I like the 'Hawks a lot (they're probably my "second" team at this point), but you have to think that Hockey Jesus is punishing them a little bit for giving a long-term contract to such a douche bag.  via Puck Daddy
  • The Montreal Canadiens have re-signed their very own version of Marek Svatos: restricted free agent Tomas Plekanec, who scored 20 goals and 39 points in 80 games last season.  How much is less than half a point per game worth these days in the "New NHL"?  $2.75 million a year.  Ouch.  via TSN
  • Former Avs Alex Tanguay, Derek Morris, Stephane Yelle, Dan Hinote and Martin Skoula are all still without a team to play for next season.  Four of them have Stanley Cup rings (five rings total) but can't find a place to play.  Sad.
  • ADDENDUM: Fanhouse ranks Paul Stastny as the 48th best player in the NHL.  I rank Fanhouse as the 48th best hockey blog on the Internet.
  • Law school starts back up in less than a month and then you'll never see me again.  Thank god the Top 19 list is done.

Discuss whatever topics come to mind.  Goal girls, pics of underage NHL combine participants, how awesome the show Burn Notice is, or whatever.