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Friday Thread Of Non-Stop Excitement

I told you it was going to be a dull week. 

The off-season continues to plod along, with still more than a month to go before training camps start up and the players report for duty.  Until then, snorefest.

For the most part, nothing really exciting happened over the past few days, but there were a few items of note.

  • The Islanders signed Martin Biron, who will join Rick DiPietro and Dwayne Roloson as the third starting goalie on the team.  Why does one team need three starting goalies?  Because one will apparently be injured for almost the entirety of his 15-year contract, while the other two aren't exactly the most reliable netminders in the league.  They're not bad, just a little inconsistent.  I'd be inconsistent too if I lost my job to Ray Emery.  Or is it incontinent?  via TSN
  • Greg Dubs managed seven full posts yesterday, on a Thursday, during the off-season.  Sure, that's his actual job, but I admire his tenacity.  The only thing I could think to post yesterday was another picture of Joe Sakic along with the dozens of melodramatic love poems I've been emailing him since he announced his retirement.  Puck Daddy
  • The inner city of Detroit is so completely abandoned that wild red foxes have started to move in to the "urban prairie" that now exists there.  Seriously, have you looked at aerial pictures of Detroit recently?  It's a wasteland.

What's worth talking about as we wind this week down?  Seriously, help me out.  It's not a rhetorical question.