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Monday Thread: The MHH Party Never Stops

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If you thought last week was boring for the Colorado Avalanche and the rest of the NHL, you ain't seen nothing yet.  This week could easily be even more dull than its predecessor, if that's even possible.  So, to kill some time and maybe spark some discussion, I submit to you the following news bits from around the world of hockey:

  • Former Avalanche defenseman Derek Morris has found a new home, signing a one-year deal with the Bruins in Beantown.  As much as I generally like the guy, though, I'm not really sure he's worth $3.3 million, which is what Boston has agreed to pay him. via TSN
  • After losing $67 million last season, the Coyotes are on the auction block.  The first bid to buy the team came from a group looking to keep them in Phoenix (for some unknown reason).  The second, slightly-more-lucrative-but-still-unofficial bid, includes a plan to play at least five of the Coyotes games in the Canadian city of Saskatoon as sort of a "home away from home."   A third bid, proposed by Jim Balsillie but still not formally submitted, would be worth more than the others but requires the Coyotes to move to Hamilton, Ontario.  Balsillie previously tried to buy and relocate the Nashville Predators a couple of years ago. via The Globe And Mail
  • Have you ever sent an email to the wrong recipient and had it come back to bite you in the ass?  Well, I can pretty much guarantee you've never been bitten like this: an assistant hockey coach with the University of New Hampshire sent nearly 1000 Scoutware emails to freshman and sophomore high school players, in violation of NCAA rules.   That screw-up means UNH will be on probation for two years and will have some of its recruiting privileges restricted.  Oops. via Concord Monitor

Hopefully I'll have some kind of Avalanche-related posts up this week, but until then, peruse the news and chit chat about whatever is on your mind.