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Snoozeday Thread: Trying To Stay Conscious

Seriously, I'm having trouble staying awake and we're only two days into this week.

  • Colorado Avalanche owner Stan Kroenke continues to expand his stake in the English Premiere League club Arsenal, now claiming 29% of the organization.  He's the largest shareholder in one of the world's most famous soccer teams.  But despite his sports empire that stretches from Denver to London, Stan and his $3 billion personal fortune continue to keep a low profile. via Denver Business Journal
  • You know those Dos Equis commercials that star "The Most Interesting Man In The World?"  Hockey Joe at Gross Misconduct thinks 2001 Stanley Cup Finals hero Alex Tanguay deserves a similar title all his own.
  • For you masochists (like me) who can't get enough discussion about the ongoing war between decrepit old sports reporters and spry young sports bloggers, a few big names in hockey blogging, reporting and radio sit down for a friendly chat.  via Defending Big D.
  • Puck Daddy has found what could be the final nail in the coffin of my workplace productivity: a hockey jersey generator that doesn't suck.  Damn you, Greg Dubs, damn you.
  • Alan Bass thinks the trade of Ryan Smyth for Kyle Quincey and Tom Preissing was a brilliant move, and gives the Avalanche an off-season grade of A-.  If he says so.  via Bleacher Report

Yesterday's thread turned into a discussion of the engineering and legal career fields, with a little hockey talk here and there.  I wonder what today's thread will bring...