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Hump Day Thread: Feeling Poll-ish

Failorado Jersey
Failorado Jersey

Another day, another empty vacuum of interesting hockey news. Hopefully the following links (and a poll!) will help alleviate the mind-numbing boredom.

  • Terry Frei remembers the days when Don Cherry was the coach of the hapless Colorado Rockies. Cherry was just as much a ridiculous caricature back in those days as he is today, but Frei sees value in Cherry's headline-grabbing and Swede-infuriating hijinks: "If the Avalanche is going to be terrible again next season, at least it can try to be that fun." via Denver Post
  • The United States of America has its very own hockey hall of fame, so take that, you stupid Canajuns. Tony Amonte, Tom Barrasso, John LeClair and the entire 1998 US Women's Hockey Team will be inducted. Congrats to them. via Yahoo Sports
  • Puck Daddy readers are having quite a time with the hockey jersey generator I linked to yesterday. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. One of my own unique creations is above.
  • In music news totally unrelated to hockey unless this somehow became a John Buccigross column, mid-90s pop punk legends The Get Up Kids have reunited and are touring again, but they're apparently not too excited about it. Having seen the current state of the "punk" scene in America, they're now apologizing for any role they played in making it what it is today. I'd blame Every Time I Die and 18 Visions for the shallow glam rock abomination more than The Get Up Kids, but whatever. via Guardian

Finally, and per request, here is a poll to fulfill all your opinionated clicking needs: