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MHH Glossary Update And Open Thread


I'll skip the linkage today and bring everybody up to speed on the contents of the Mile High Hockey Glossary so far.  I got a ton of good suggestions in the last thread I posted, and we'll use this one to round out the rest of it.  Or we can talk about hotels in Denver, grammar rules and favorite bands like we did in yesterday's ridiculousness.  Or was that uninterirriduclousnesslihood?  English is hard.

So, we've got the following categories and specific terms:

  • Player Nicknames: Liles/Male Model, Hot Pocket, Beachie's Boyfriend; Hejduk/The Duke; Stastny/SoS; Tucker/ShamWow; Wolski/The Baron; Phaneuf/Phadouche; Theodore/Pimp Cane; Lidstrom/Mangina; Arnason/Arnageddon, Lumpy Gravy, Sanjaya; Forsberg/Foppa, RoboFoppa; Duchene/Doogie; Hannan/Hobbit; McLeod/Highlander; Svatos/Svats Machine; Hensick/Hensiiick, Hensuck; Leopold/Leoprone
  • Team/History: Mission 16W; Unipron; How 'Bout Them Apples?; The Can; Altiboobs; Howler; Goal siren
  • Red Wings: Detroit/Detoilet, EmptyTown; A2Y/Excluding Zetterberg, Achtymichuk to Ysebaert
  • Blog History/Memes: Goal Girls; Top 19 List; Jibbled; Skrastins Notwithstanding; Must-Win Blog; Game Thread Leader; Fixed; The Infallible Darcy Tucker Corollary; Power Play Kittens; Ti4T; HAi4H

I want to include a section on MHH user nicknames, but other than "The Canary," I can't think of any other specific ones.  Didn't SlamDunkTheFunk have a clever (not obvious) nickname, too?  I figured I would ask before spending hours combing through old game threads (which I'll probably end up doing anyway).  Anyway, refresh my memory. 

And suggest additional terms for the above categories while you're at it.