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Pre-Weekend News Linkage

Well, the weekend is almost upon us, and with the start of August we're less than two months away from rookie and training camps.

Some news and notes from around wherever:

  • Marian Hossa is a sellout and the Chicago Blackhawks are bad with money.  Not a good combination.  The league is now investigating whether or not Hossa's ridiculously front-loaded 12-year contract is even legal under the terms of the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Who would have thought hiring a player for longer than he expects to play and using his scheduled retirement to offset the long-term cap hit would be considered shady?  The 'Hawks must have hired all those out-of-work Bear Stearns book-cookers to fill their front office. via TSN
  • Puck Daddy posted a list of the top 10 hockey-related songs.  It's not bad, but it's missing a couple of classics: Les Dales Hawerchuck's eponymous "Dale Hawerchuck" and Grimlock's crushing ode to Bob Probert called "24" from their awesome album Songs of Self.  Seriously, how could you leave those songs off the list?
  • Though the NHL Board of Governors is behind their boy Jerry Reinsdorf's plan to buy the Phoenix Coyotes, the guy who actually still owns the team isn't having it.  Jerry Moyes and his bankruptcy attorneys claim that neither Reinsdorf's nor anyone else's bids meet the terms set by the court.  Ruh roh.  via TSN

The threads have been pretty epic this week.  Thanks for everybody's contributions, as always!