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Monday Morning Links

Let's take a look at what's happening around the Avalanche (and hockey) world today...

  • Shane Giroux from Avs Talk is kindasorta back after a lengthy hiatus. Glad to hear it.
  • Patrick Kane allegedly assaulted a cabbie this weekend because the cabbie couldn't make 20 cents change. Why am I better than Patrick Kane? This very weekend my wife and I had a short cab ride home from my 20th high school reunion (ugh). The fare? $8.90. I gave him a $20, he gave me $11. That's right, he shorted me a dime and didn't even ask! Did I go batshit crazy? Nope. Personally, I appreciated him simplifying the transaction and allowing me to avoid having loose change in my pocket. I hate loose change.
  • Old friend former Avalanche Theo Fleury is thinking about coming back to the NHL. Good for him.
  • And, yes, speaking of comebacks, there are yet again Peter Forsbergs talks. It's not generating a ton of buzz, but it does have BiB all excited. I'll say this: I'm still hearing chatter that the Avs are looking to move salary and they've certainly passed on even some low-priced players who could have helped the club, which makes me wonder if the team would even try to sign Foppa if he wanted to come back.
  • has not one but TWO good Avalanche stories up today. Todd Kimberly takes a solid look at the Avs' summer. And the Avs' web writer Craig Stancher has a story on Doogie Duchene. If you've been visiting MHH all summer, there probably isn't going to be much there that is news to you. But, if you've been taking a little break from all things Avalanche, those stories are a nice recap episode to help bring you up to speed.
  • I finally caved in an agreed to this deal DirecTV was throwing at me to give up my grandfather rights to an old channel package they discontinued a few years back. The short of it is that I'll have access a zillion channels for the next 4 or 5 months, including Altitude. Is there any Avalanche-related shows on Altitude you fine Coloradians (?) can recommend?
  • And if I can tear myself away from having even more channels that I have no interest in watching, I should be able to get back into the By the Numbers series shortly. [Insert Top 19 joke here]
  • Angélique posted a link on her blog to a nice Boston Globe interview with new Lake Erie coach Kevin Quinn. By far, my favorite quote was towards the end: 

BU is fortunate to have Shattenkirk, Cohen, and Bonino back for their junior years. If our guys had signed with their NHL teams, BU would have had a hard time fielding a team next year.’’