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Altitude TV Schedule Released

The Altitude schedule has been released. You can view the whole season schedule here (pdf). 79 of the 82 games will be broadcast on Altitude (with the other 3 games being the 3 Versus games we listed yesterday). ALL games are slated to be broadcast in HD and 10 of the 79 will be on ALT 2.

A couple of other notes:

Mike Haynes and Peter McNab will return as the play-by-play and color analysts for all of the Colorado Avalanche broadcasts.  Kyle Keefe will return as sideline reporter for all Avalanche home games and will serve as studio host along with Peter Ruttgaizer.  Brian Engblom and Mark Rycroft will be the postgame color analysts for the Avalanche Locker Room Report and Julie Browman will contribute regular reports throughout the Avalanche season.  On the radio side, Marc Moser will return as the play-by-play analyst for all Avalanche games this season.

Looks like things are pretty much the same, although no Browman in the studio if I'm reading that right.


Altitude will broadcast a one-hour live pregame special on Thursday October 1st from 7:00-8:00 p.m. that will cover Joe Sakic’s retirement ceremony.

I'm quite confused about when the actual ceremony will take place. The NHL lists the game as starting at 10 eastern. Versus (who has the game exclusively) mentioned covering the ceremony prominently in their press release yesterday, but also have 7pm game to broadcast. Do we assume the Sakic festivities will start at 9:30 eastern and Altitude and Versus will show it (7pm MT = 9pm ET)? Or is the Altitude deal a "pregame" type thing with the Sakic retirement party taking place after, starting at 8 MT / 10 ET? Again, I'm sure we'll all get to see it, but the details remain a little light at this point.