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Avalanche Weekly

Seriously? It's Monday already? How does that happen so quickly? As an added bonus, my son starts school again on Wednesday. Leaves are already dropping all over my yard and I saw a giant display of Halloween candy at the grocery store this weekend. Ugh. I had an excellent summer, but it's almost over now and I'm not sure I'm ready to come to grips with that, even if it does mean that a new hockey season is just around the corner.

Here's what went on in the Avosphere during the last week:

  • The Avalanche announced a, well, avalanche of number changes for the upcoming season. We discussed it here, of course, but Anyone But Detroit as a totally cool pictoral breakdown. It would be cooler if the jerseys weren't so ugly, of course, but I digress. Oh, and the team roster at has been updated to reflect the new numbers.
  • Disgruntled Avs Blogger took a quick look at Craig Anderson's home and away splits. The bad news? He didn't play as well at the BankAtlantic Center as he did away from it. The good news? He's only going to play, at most, one game there next season.
  • Brian Thompson has some hopes that the Wings signing of Todd Bertuzzi might rekindle the old Blood Feud. Doubtful, in my opinion. As the soundbyte goes, he's dead, Jim.
  • Adrian points out that the Avs are really pushing their 14-game pack. Buy the pack and you get tickets to Joe Sakic night. Great for folks buying the packs, maybe not so great for folks looking to buy tickets to that game individually. Both Detroit games are included in the pack, as is the final game against LA. You also get all 10 "Alumni Night" games, which will be discussed in the next bullet point. The full list of games (plus ordering info) is here.
  • Back in July, the Avalanche announced that they'd be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Pepsi Center throughout the season. It appears that the above-mentioned Alumni Nights will be part of those festivities, when former Avalanche players will be celebrated before the game. Joe Sakic night would be the first. Although they haven't announced which players will be honored, they have announced the dates: 10/23 (Carolina), 11/6 (Chicago), 11/23 (Philadelphia), 12/15 (Washington), 12/26 (Dallas), 1/16 (New Jersey), 1/31 (Rangers), 2/6 Edmonton, 3/1 (Detroit).
  • Speaking of schedules, Angélique has a great compilation of the respective league schedules for Avalanche prospects.
  • Norm Jones is no longer the radio PbP guy for the Avalanche.
  • GEO would like everyone to know that he's an Avs Lova not an Avs Ranter. Or something to that effect.
  • Shane has a good look at Avalanche theme music.
  • Finally, the NHL updated their NHL Fans section, with details here. This is not totally my cup of tea, but I am impressed with the effort the league is making in this "new media" area. One interesting item: all 30 teams have an official twitter feed (the Leafs' feed isn't listed, but it does exist). The Avs - with 2 tweets total - are the least prolific team by a large margin. Like you didn't already know that.