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Monday Morning At Mile High Hockey



And here we are again. Another exciting dead zone offseason hockey week is behind us and another one is staring us in the face. I'm back in my cubicle today after a refreshing week of vacation, which means I need to find things to keep me busy at the old j-o-b, which means I'm back in the swing of things here in 'Lanche Land. Let's look at what exciting things there are to talk about, shall we?





Yeah, not much going on.

  • Former Avs Cody McCormick (Buffalo), Michael Vernace (Atlanta) and, yes, even Wyatt Smith (Pittsburgh) have all found new homes. There's still a bunch of former Avs still on the market: Alex Tanguay, Greg de Vries, Martin Skoula, Patrice Brisebois, Ken Klee, Chris Gratton, Dan Hinote, Dean McAmmond, Stephane Yelle, Brad May, Marc Denis and Aaron MacKenzie. Ossi Vaananen was on that list as well, but he apparently has signed with Minsk of the KHL.
  • The Avs' official message board has apparently been closed to be relocated to a league-wide forum. I know about as much about this as I do about the Jonas Brothers, meaning I have no freaking clue. Honestly, all I want to know is if I used the apostrophe correctly there.
  • Here's an amusing story (found via Kukla's Korner) about a Penguins fan who snuck onto the ice to join in the Marian Hossa Taunting Stanley Cup celebration back in June. There's all sorts of photo goodness there, including this one of him hoisting the Cup! Who knew Pittsburgh had any smart fans?
  • In an even more amusing story, it turns out that Vancouver's Alex Burrows isn't just a bit of a d-bag during the season. He could be facing charges for hitting some goalie in the face in a summer hockey league.