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Tuesday Thread




Despite my best efforts to manufacture some drama yesterday, it remains rather dull in hockey land.

  • Speaking of yesterday, this jaw-dropping article about the AP seems somewhat timely
  • A couple of kids I've never heard of have committed to DU
  • Teppo Numminen is retiring. Yeah, I didn't know he was still playing either
  • Lake Erie's play-by-play guy, John Michael, is going to be the Columbus game reporter and post-game host. I'm happy for John-Without-The-Liles, but, as you know, I absolutely detest the Blue Jackets broadcast crew. 
  • Someone might want to update the Avs' NHL shop graphic as I'm pretty sure this guy is playing elsewhere.
  • The Rochester Americans have dumped their organist of 33 years. Hockey needs more organists, not less. More cowbell, too.