Keeping the dream alive

A nice fellow named Anders posted this on the Vancouver Canuck newsgroup and gave me permission to copy and paste it.  He was at the game that Foppa played in the other night and these are his observations.  More after the jump ... (I've never done this, boy am I excited)

I saw him play in a charity game today vs my local team Rødovre, right
here in Copenhagen. So, it was like an all-star game where one of the
teams resembled the Washington Generals. :-)

With all the reservations you can possibly have for such a game, I'd
say Forsberg was probably one of if not the best player on the ice. He
was on a line with Zetterberg and Bäckström and looked the fittest of
the three of them. He was probably the fastest skater on the ice and
while his stickhandling understandably wasn't top notch, he showed
excellent vision several times. He did not seem to struggle at any
point or skip any shifts and this was his second game in as many

Also in the game was the Sedins who looked pretty good and Markus
Näslund, Sami Påhlsson, Tobias Enström and others. Edler and Victor
Hedman were also supposed to be there but for some reason didn't dress
for the game.

Now, in Anders' response to my "can I post this on a blog query," he also made it sound like Foppa was still contemplating another return to the NHL.

He has been quoted as saying that he will make up his mind within a
month or so. So far I have not heard anything about which team he
would want to join.

Would he want to come to this .... errrrr ..... how should I say, "work in progress?"  Could he make a difference?  And the biggest question, of course, could he possibly stay healthy? is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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