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2009-2010 Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable Teaser


Our annual blabfest is just around the corner.  Starting Monday, September 21st, in the year of our Lacroix 2009, we (the stalwart band of basement-dwelling Colorado Avalanche bloggers) will give you (the unwashed masses with actual jobs) 10 days of hot blogger-on-blogger action to kick of the 2009-2010 season!!  The Roundtable has grown this season to 19 commentators! Dried-up old curmudgeons like Joe and Dario have been replaced (i.e. found better use of their time) with some new hotness including Magnum from Disgruntled Avalanche Blogger and Nic from Avaholics Anonymous. A newcomer from last year, Aaron D'Albey from The Dog and Pony Show was so excited about this year that he left the country and will miss out on all the fun.  The full roster of snark and witticism is below:

Mike and DDC from your beloved MHH
Shane Giroux, from Avs Talk
Jibblescribbits and his hetero lifemate thedoctor over at Jibblescribbits
Angelique (Jori) from Colorado Avalanche Prospects
GEO, everybody's favorite Mr. Lova-lova from the Avslova Factor
Jay, representing for all the podcasting homies at The Avs Hockey Podcast
Justin and his new BFF Zach from the Avalanche Guild
Adam Hersh at Avalanche of Thoughts
Nic Zamora of Avaholics Anonymous
Matt Jordan from Mile High Mayhem
Sean Payton with the awesomely named Anyone But Detroit
Magnum, the aforementioned Disgruntled Avalanche Blogger
Grant from Hockeyism
Brian Thompson with Colorado Examiner
Tapeleg of Jerseys and Hockey Love
Aaron Musick at HockeyBuzz (we promise not to hold that against him!)

Be sure to tune in every day (September 21st through September 30th) for the insight and repetition that can only come from THE single most concentrated Avs blogger circle-jerk the earth has ever seen!!!