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Camp Wrap-Up

And, like that, it's done. It seems like training camp started just days ago and it's already over. Okay, training camp did just start a few days ago, but this is hockey, not some coddling sport like baseball or football where the players need months to get into shape. Hockey players need just a week and then they are good to go - the Burgundy and White game is tomorrow night.

Between our fanshotters, Adrian Dater and Craig Stancher, we've been kept in the loop rather well during camp. Sadly, none of the Avalanche preseason games will be televised, so hopefully the excellent updates will continue. Since a lot of the information over the last week is kind of scattershot between articles and comments and stuff, I thought I'd gather a lot of the pertinent info into one spot:

  • Adam Foote was named Captain of the squad. Milan Hejduk and Paul Stastny will wear the A (designating either "assistant" or "alternate" depending on who you ask).
  • 3 guys - all forwards - have been cut; Josh Aspenlind, Patrick Bordeleau and David Marshall. All 3 are under contract with Lake Erie, not Colorado.
  • The NHL waiver period begins on Saturday. From that point on, some players will need to clear waivers before going to Lake Erie. There are 9 waiver eligible players without jobs locked up by my count, the most notable being Kyle Cumiskey and Tyler Weiman.
  • Tom Preissing did not take place in any of the three scrimmages this week. AD reports that it's a minor knee problem. Trevor Cann was injured by a shot from Matt Duchene last week, but has already returned (he played today). As far as I know, that's it for the injuries.
  • The Avs are in action on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Amazingly, there are still seats available for opening night. And yes, it is still very, very hard to resist the temptation. Even more so, because there is STILL no Versus / DirecTV resolution.