Burgundy/White recap

This may be the first time I've posted here (long time listener, first time caller), but I figured since my folks live in the Springs (my dad teaches at the AF Academy) I'd visit and then head to the game. By the time my dad bought some tickets, they were standing-room only. I sat over the right shoulder of the White team's goalie and had a good view of Hendricks' first goal (nice one-timer over Budaj shoulder) and Stewart's rebounder goal. The replay of White's first goal was a Duchene pass towards Wolksi crashing the net, but it went in off the skate of the Burgundy defender (not sure who).

Anyway, I figure if anyone's interested, here are some players that stood out to me:

Duchene: He didn't have a fantastic game, but he looked confident on his puck-carrying from zone to zone. He's certainly a fluid skater and has some great creativity on his passing. There was a PP in the 2nd period where Duchene, Hejduk, and Wolski interchanged wonderfully.

Jones: Each time I saw him in the offensive zone he was burning holes through the puck with how intently he was focused on it. He wanted to the puck every possession and was crashing the net with some real vigor. If he gets put on a line that can enhance his energy while supporting his aggression, he could have a real breakout year.

Cumiskey: You'd be forgiven for mistaking Cumiskey for Duchene the way he speeds with the puck from defensive zone into the offensive. His skating was real impressive. He jumped into the play frequently and started a lot of Burgundy's offensive breakouts.

Barrie: Each time the White's defense was in correct position to stop a rush or support play out of the zone, I looked at the names on the jersey's and lo-and-behold 9 out of 10 times it was Barrie. He looked as if he'd been playing with this D for a while.

Tucker: He was kind of a dick to start the game. As Dater mentioned, he had a high hit on Liles that sent him to the locker room with a bloody cut on his nose. He then took a nasty slap shot off the foot and was pretty invisible for the remainder of the game.

Stoa: First unoriginal report: he's a big boy. When the starting line was announced (Stoa-Stastny-Hensick) his shoulder pads were over the helmet of Hensick. He played with some real creativity on passing, but he looked sluggish each time he started to skate from a standstill.

Hensick: He was involved with the offense a lot, but nothing spectacular materialized. I hope it's just a confidence issue, because I think he could have a solid year if he takes the role of playmaker/sniper.

Burki/Durno/Stewart: I agree with Dater that these guys clicked really well. Their passes in the neutral zone were tape-to-tape and often made with heavy pressure on the passer.

Goalies: None looked superb, but Anderson had the better game (first two periods at least). He made a shocking save on a Stewart breakaway in the 2nd where he laid down sideways and made a save with his left leg swinging upward. Weiman looked focused but anxious in the 3rd, but was solid.

Hendricks decided to pick two fights. The first was against Durno, but it wasn't so much of a fight as two guys diving into each other and hitting the ice (I immediately thought of the scene from "The Matrix" where Neo and Agent Smith ran towards each other, jumped from half a block away, and grabbed each other in mid-air then fell straight down). They didn't actually serve a penalty... they started towards the sin-bin, but I'm sure the coaches wanted to see them play, not sit around. The announcer said "You've just seen the shortest penalty in the NHL! Not 5 minutes later Stewart was the opponent, but he actually threw some punches and tackled Hendricks to the ice. I assume it was a bit of a joke, but still, it was bizarre. It's a shame Hendricks was on the same team as Koci... would've loved to see him pick a fight with that behemoth.

I was going to take some pictures and video, but I was 20 inches from the net that "protected" us from high-flying pucks and it my camera's lens wouldn't stop focusing on the wrong thing.

Let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to answer. No doubt there's something I wanted to add but simply forgot to mention. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of

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