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2009-2010 Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable DAY 1, PART 2!


Day 1 of the Roundtable continues with another member-supplied question:

If the Avs team (or a player/players) were a song what would they be?

  • DDC -LOL @ the Tucker one!
  • Grant B.. - The Avs would be "Yesterday" by the Beatles. Pierre Lacroix has a yearning for days past by the people he surrounds himself with. I'm not just talking about players, but look at the staff. The vast majority of the Avs front office is somehow connected with the team in years past. Three of Joe Sacco's coaches have played for the Avs (Konowalchuk, Deadmarsh, and Thibault). If Lacroix had his way, the head coach himself would be an ex player! It also applies to all the Avs fans who are really depressed and in need of a hug/playoff run.
  • Aaron M. - I would also vote for the Avs to use the song "Back in the Habit" (Editor's Note: Couldn't find any linkage for this one) as a way to say that they really are trying to get back to being competitive. Just please, please, PLEASE don't have it be Pat Benatar's "Hit me with your Best Shot". So overused, so cliche. As for this season, Journey's "Wheel in the Sky" would be good for the season. The lyrics are great for our team: Wheel in the Sky keeps on turning I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
  • Mike - I can get behind that choice.
  • thedoctor - Well, I'm probably the last guy you'd want to ask a musical question, but there's definitely one song for me that always brings the Avs to mind: Butthole Surfers - Pepper. It's a weird song, but it had just been released when the Avs won their first cup and the local rock radio guys (KBPI was awesome in those days) played it for hours that night, just for the lyric "...pouring like an avalanche, coming down the mountain." Every time I hear it, I feel like we just won that first cup.....Beyond that, really the only other musical-ish things I can think of are complaints. Complaints about the arena music and goal song (could they be more generic?), and that stupid foghorn they play after goals now. Bring back the Avalanche siren assholes, it was the coolest "tradition" we had! And put in an organ!


Stastny: Raconteurs "Top Yourself"
Tucker: Steve Miller "Take the Money and Run" (Please?)
Duchene: The Beatles "Don't Let Me Down"
Hejduk: Filter "Hey Man, Nice Shot"
Galiardi: Propellerheads "Bigger?"
Hensick: Jet "Last Chance"
Liles: Van Halen "Hot for Teacher"
McLeod: Y&T "Mean Streak"
Koci: Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer"
Foote: Prince "1999"
Stewart: Big & Rich "Big Time"
Sacco: The Who "Who Are You?"
Avalanche Front Office: No Doubt "Don't Speak"

  • Aaron M. - Bravo! However, I do have a few to add:

The fans: "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister. This could be send to the glorified DJ at the Pepsi Center. No country, less metal, more classic rock to really get the fans into the game.

I'd also add:

Wojtek Wolski: "Heart" from the musical "Damn Yankees. Cause all he really needs is heart.
Darcy Tucker: "I Don't Want to Fight" by Tina Turner
And just in case things go really south this season: "Hello Darlin'" by Conway Twitty. 'Cause if that happens, we could all use a distraction.